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Welcome to FitPro Solutionz. The developer of MTB FIT. I have been a Personal Trainer since 1998 and a Mountain Biker since 2013. In combining the two, I have developed my own unique and effective methods of training off the bike to improve fitness and performance out on the trails, which means more fun for you.

Lose Weight-Improve Performance-Strength-Mobility-Sleep-Decrease Stress-Feel & Live Better!

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Medicine Ball Workout

Becky H

Deborah is extremely knowledgeable about the body and exercise science and is always explaining why I am doing each exercise  and how I can benefit from it.

Group of Mountain Bikers


She sees your body Intuitively and somehow feels what you are capable of doing.  

I highly recommend training with Deborah!  I am definitely stronger, have more muscle, and have less body fat.


Cardio Booster

Bonnie C

Kay W

 I tried several other trainers before finding Deborah.  Once I started training with her, I knew my search was over.  She has an incredible ability to find the right balance of pushing you harder than you push yourself, but not so hard that you get sore or hurt.